Best Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool in 2020

Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool

A solar cover is critical for a pool for various reasons, like keeping it warm and ensuring it remains clean. Below I have reviewed the top five products that you can add to your facility.

Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool

Top 5 Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool Reviews

Here are the top five solar covers that you should consider adding to your pool. 

1. Sun2Solar Blue 10-Foot-by-16-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover

If you are like me, you should go for a bubble pool cover like this Sun2Solar model. It features thousands of bubbles that help to retain the heat during the chilly days and nights.

I also find the blue color to be attractive, and it is model that minimizes water evaporation by 95%. That means you can save on water and pool chemicals.

It is also easy to trim the edge to ensure that it fits perfectly around your pool. And it is a cover that keeps the dirt out of a pool.

2. Sun2Solar Blue 4-Foot-by-8-Foot Rectangle Solar Cover

Another model from Sun2Solar that I find to be effective is this 4-by-8-foot cover. It has an appealing blue color and can minimize water evaporation by up to 95%. 

The model lets you and your friends jump into the pool during the evening without worrying about cold water. You can also trim it to fit your need, and you don’t need a professional to do that.

It is also an affordable model that gives value for the money.

3. Blue Wave NS515 14-mil Solar Blanket 

I love the Blue Wave brand for providing high-quality solar pool covers, and that is true of this model. It can easily cover your pool and even increase its temperature by 15 degrees F during the sunny days. 

Besides, it is a cover that reduces heat loss during cold days and nights. I like its 14-mil material since it makes it durable, giving you value for money.

The model also minimizes evaporation by 95%.

4. Thermo-Tex 2831224 Swimming Solar Pool Cover

Thermo-Tex 2831224 is a model that can prolong your swimming season and minimize your pool’s heating cost. It is also able to reduce water loss, meaning that you don’t need to add chemicals to your pool regularly.

I love the UV stabilized polymer material that this cover is made from since it enables it to last for years. It also comes with a three years warranty and is a lightweight model.

5. Intex Solar Cover for 12Ft Diameter Easy Set and Frame Pools 

I love this pool cover because it easily fits on a 12 feet round facility without any problem. It can minimize evaporation by up to 95% and retains a lot of heat. 

One thing I found to be useful with this cover is the drain holes that let rainwater to pass to prevent damage. It also comes in a storage bag that you can use to carry it to your store.


The best solar cover for the above ground pool plays many roles, such as heating the water, retaining the heat, preventing dust from entering your pool, and reducing evaporation. Choose a durable model that can last for years. 

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