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Adventures in Nostalgia: A Palatal Approach to Paramo's Profiles

Hey! My name is Cole, and as one of the original hired baristas of Paramo Coffee Company, I've been tasked with carefully monitoring the quality of our esteemed "coffee flavor profile spectrum"- a simple yet extremely helpful system that our team uses to determine the best match between coffee and palate for each individual's tastes. 

This spectrum is comprised of five single-origin categories ("Stargazer", "Firecracker", "Flywheel", "Shadowplay", "Workhorse") and two espresso roasts ("Sleepwalker" decaf, and our house espresso blend, "Journeyman"). The nicknames are meant as placeholders, indicating the level of intensity of flavor and/or mouthfeel that each coffee exhibits once brewed. The basic idea is straightforward - once a customer connects with one of the above profiles in a positive way, they may return to that profile (perhaps months later) to find a differently-sourced coffee in its place, but one that still manages to hit those individual pleasure points in a very similar way. This attention to detail and consistency makes the overall sourcing-roasting-brewing process much more enjoyable and interesting for our team here at Paramo, and that enthusiasm readily crosses over into the cups of our wonderful customers.

The ordering of coffees along a spectrum based on their various attributes also serves as a wonderful educational tool regarding general coffee knowledge - each category is shaped by both the origin and the roast signature of the coffee behind it, and over time, patterns become easier to see simply by comparing profile notes from season to season, as new coffees move in to replace old lots and each profile becomes rejuvenated. The process serves to demystify coffee for the average imbiber, making delicious coffee from all over the world more accessible to enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

At Paramo Coffee, we want to know just what it is you're looking for in your mug. The range of coffee experiences out there is so expansive that it's common to feel overwhelmed with possibility - let's talk about what it is we enjoy about coffee, and use that as a foundation for exploration. The more you know, the more you can take away from a wonderful coffee experience, here in our café or in your own kitchen.

Paramo Coffee
Paramo Coffee