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Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool

Best Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool in 2019

A solar cover is critical for a pool for various reasons, like keeping it warm and ensuring it remains clean. Below I have reviewed the top five products that you can add to your facility. Top 5 Solar Cover for Above Ground Pool Reviews Here are the top five solar covers that you should consider adding to your pool.  1.…

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Sequestrant Pool: How to Remove and Prevent Metal in a Pool

Having a swimming pool means that you need to check the chemical composition of its water. Testing for total chlorine, calcium hardness, and pH should be part of your weekly maintenance.  Sometimes, problems can develop that lead to discoloration due to metals or algae in the pool. Iron can make the water to look greenish or brown, and copper can…

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Homemade Solar Heater

Homemade Solar Heater: DIY Solar Pool Heater Black Hose

Having a swimming pool in your yard is amazing. But it is even better if your pool is heated.  Sadly, the manufacturers of pools make it seem as though heating a pool is a complicated process. Although that process might seem like it requires rocket science, we are here to help you make your DIY solar pool heater using a…

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