Homemade Solar Heater: DIY Solar Pool Heater Black Hose

Homemade Solar Heater

Having a swimming pool in your yard is amazing. But it is even better if your pool is heated. 

Sadly, the manufacturers of pools make it seem as though heating a pool is a complicated process. Although that process might seem like it requires rocket science, we are here to help you make your DIY solar pool heater using a black hose.

Let’s get started.

Do You Need a Solar Heater?

Homemade Solar Heater

Some places enjoy warm weather that makes the pool to remain heated throughout the year. However, when night comes, the pool can become cold and be impossible to swim in. 

That is why it would be beneficial to make a black hose solar pool heater for warming your pool during the day to guarantee night use. Making such a heater is easier than you might have thought.

How to Make a DIY Solar Heater

All you need to make your solar heater is a black garden hose and something to coil the hose on and hold it in the right position. After that, you join it to your pool filter so that the water can pass via the system before it returns to your pool.

The idea behind that is to filter the water before it gets warmed up. Alternatively, you can use a water pump to take the water via the black hose system.

Another way is to connect the water heater between your pool and faucet to warm the water before it fills your pool. That way, you won’t need to depend on the pump but the force of the water as it comes from the faucet.

When it comes to the length of the heater, you can use a long tubing as you would want or a short one. About 100m is ideal for warming the water – a short one won’t heat the water completely.

You can coil the garden hose on thin wood pieces and hold it together with plastic ties. That is the most difficult part of making a DIY solar heater and the most expensive one.

The heater also requires some adapters to connect it with the filter. You should ensure that the tubing remains tight to prevent water from leaking out. 

How the Heater Works 

The working is straightforward. Since it is come in black color, the heater will absorb heat during the day and transfer it to the water. The longer the hose, the more the heat and the more the water that will warm.  

But you should note that a longer system will require the water pump or filter to work even harder to push the water via the tubing. Get the right balance between the hose length and the power needed to push the water via the tubing.

In Conclusion 

It is very easy to make your solar pool heater using a garden hose, some woods, and ties. With the right material, you can have a warm swimming pool that you can use during the chilly nights. 

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