About our Journeyman Espresso Profile:

Journeyman represents the spirit of craft and continuous learning that keeps us excited after all these years. Balanced, sweet and full, the current version of our espresso features Colombian and Ethiopian beans. Mmm, tasty. Think of an incredibly smooth and rich milk chocolate bar with hints of citrus zing. Journeyman is approachable and easy to drink. Components will change according to crop seasons so be sure to check in often for info on the blend. Developed as an espresso, Journeyman has a similar roast profile as the rest of our lineup, maybe a full-city or medium roast. It also shines as a drip coffee!

If using as an espresso at home, we recommend starting with around 18.5g - 20g coffee grounds and yielding about 27g-30g output in around 25 seconds to start. Adjust as necessary, but this will get you in the ballpark. 

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