• Paramo Coffee
  • ug22

    we love the craft of coffee

    the materials, skills and people

  • cup in window

    the daily ritual of coffee

    flavors, aromas and textures

  • green coffee in parchment

    we value what makes great coffee

    from the farm to the cup

  • Paramo Coffee bar

    and sharing it with people like you

    come in, and take a look around

  • cupping room


    for our new friends and family.


So we're live with this

September 12, 2014

A few orders of business as you poke around our shiny new store.  First, "hi!" we're really glad you stopped by. We're a tiny new company and are thrilled that you've shown us this interest. As such, there are some details that we're still working out.  Such as... 1. The pretty pictures you see when you browse our coffee selection will be on our bag labels, but we haven't received our shipment from the label manufacturer yet. So in the meantime, you get artisan, hand-stamped craft paper bags. Each one stamped personally by our coffee buyer and roaster, Gabe Boscana. They could be collector's items some day. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime. 2. Currently, we roast in very... Continue Reading →

What the heck is Paramo?!

July 25, 2014

Paramo started with a cup of coffee, as many crazy ideas do. Specifically, it started with friends sitting over a cup of coffee marvelling at how simple the pleasure of coffee is. Or should be. Yes, we knew about the tons of knowledge, effort and experience required to get the results we were enjoying in this cup, but the enjoyment itself was so simple. And that's what we liked. When you sit down to drink your morning coffee, you may not wish to think about farming methods, roasting profiles, cupping scores, farm names, or barista pro tips. You may just want to drink your coffee and enjoy it while thinking about your family, the sun rise, your next camping trip... Continue Reading →