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    the daily ritual of coffee

    flavors, aromas and textures

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    we value what makes great coffee

    from the farm to the cup

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Flywheel - NEW COFFEE

April 13, 2015

Hey there.  Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we have a great new Flywheel! From Antigua Guatemala we have purchased a very nice coffee called Bella Carmona. Luis Pedro Zelaya of Zelcafe had been milling this coffee for many years and every year it shows beautifully in the cup. Clean, sweet, chocolate and creamy it is a coffee that anyone can enjoy (coffee fanatic or not). There will be slight hints of red fruit, but balance is the key to this bad boy. Now available on our webstore, and in our shop next Wednesday April 15th. Continue Reading →

Shadowplay is out!

April 02, 2015

We are currently searching for a champion to usher in after our great romp with the Rwanda Musasa. Stay tuned. As of today, we are out of stock! Continue Reading →