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    the daily ritual of coffee

    flavors, aromas and textures

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    we value what makes great coffee

    from the farm to the cup

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New Firecracker and Shadowplay

January 16, 2015

Hello there! We are finally back on track with having a full line up of coffees. This week we introduced the new Firecracker and Shadowplay, and last week we reeled in a new Workhorse.  It's always a treat an an adventure to fill up the slots with the appropriate and delicious coffees and even more of a blast to roast them. They are all such different coffees from one another which is exactly how we like 'em. Whats the point of having hyper similar coffees? Where's the fun and excitement in that? This thought is what drove us to pick out these five "banners" of coffee. We want people to be able to experience particularly different kinds of coffees, but... Continue Reading →

Mission Picnic Sandwiches

January 11, 2015

                                                                      Starting Monday we will be serving Mission Picnic sandwiches for our customers who come down to the shop for a pick me up and a snack. Now you can have more than a snack! Mission Picnic is a new company working out of the Mission and sourcing the very best ingredients to make delicious sandwiches for folks on the go. We are proud to say that Paramo Coffee is their first and only wholesale account in San Francisco and we hope to bring them many... Continue Reading →