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Firecracker is poppin'

February 26, 2015

My favorite day is the day that I can share when we have a new coffee we are roasting! Firecracker has been MIA for a couple of weeks but it is back and it is a lovely one indeed. From the juiciness to the sweetness, it has everything you want in a vibrant and delicious coffee.  Mr. Henry Rodriguez, the producer, hit it out of the park with this coffee. Get some online or at the shop at Embarcadero Center starting this Friday. This one is a pleasure to roast and drink. Win-win. Continue Reading →

Journeyman Espresso gets a little fancy

February 18, 2015

We keep coming back to what tastes good. Fresh crop coffee still is a huge factor in flavor impact and when we can cycle in fresh crop coffees into our menu we are start salivating a little. We always aim for a balance of sweetness, acid and body but most importantly clarity of flavor and consistency of roast. Roasting is sometimes a fickle process, but when we get our hands on delicious and high quality coffees it does seem to ease things a bit. So our Journeyman currently is mostly composed of a Colombian Microlot from Nariño called La Piedra and the Yirgacheffe from the Konga mill. Both are big coffees in their own rights, with loud voices full of fruit,... Continue Reading →