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Seasonality in coffee

November 19, 2014

Good day out there. We roasted the last batch of our Shadowplay about a week ago and we are currently sourcing for a replacement to the delicious Java microlot. This brought up the seasonality issue, as we purchase the freshest landed coffees we can for all of our Single Origin profiles.  What this means is that we try to buy the coffees most recently landed at port most recently harvested and processed, from their country of origin. Fresh green coffee is truly the most important factor for a roaster to really maximize quality in flavor and play with nuances in the cup. When a quality green coffee is fresh, it is a truly remarkable thing if roasted well. There is... Continue Reading →

New Labels!

October 14, 2014

It seems like a small thing, but it isn't for us. We finally got labels, real labels on our bags!! After months of chats, thoughts, ideas and a few hiccups we finally have our beautiful labels. We have good reasons for creating these labels but the most important one is to make it fun to pick a coffee.  The idea behind the names is similar to that of naming a blend. Instead of a blend though, we offer single origins that build an experience of taste for us and our friends. Ever had a coffee make you feel a certain way? Or remember a certain memory of where you were or who you were with? Or maybe a coffee really... Continue Reading →