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Flywhee Update: Colombia Paez De Cauca

December 17, 2014

NEW RELEASE FLYWHEEL!!!!Fresh crop coffee from Colombia now available on the web shop and in our store. Delicious. Come grab a bag. photo credit (Red Fox Coffee Merchants) coffee drying in parchment.The technical stuff:elevation: 1800-1900 meters above sea levelregion: Cauca, Colombiavariety: Caturra and Typica (mostly)process: washed importing partner: Red Fox Coffee MerchantsPAEZ DE CAUCAPaez is located on the southwestern edge of the Nevado de Huila. It is an isolated area that’s very difficult to reach due to regular landslides and the perpetual threat of the FARC, who continue to use the Nevado as a safe haven. We love the coffee, we love the people who grow it, and we continue to support the community here. This lot is predominantly Caturra &... Continue Reading →


December 09, 2014

So after a few months of our shop being open (6 whole months!) we have received enough interest from friends and neighbors that we have decided to consider and offer limited wholesale partnerships with the right relationships. The reception to our coffees has been great and super supportive and as we figure out our future goals,wholesale has become something we need on our "to do" list simply because people are diggin' what we are doing which is great news for us. If you are or know someone who you think would be a great partner for us please feel free to send them our way. We would love to chat and discuss potential possibilities. We are a small team of feisty dreamers... Continue Reading →